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Photographie pour les hôtels

Un service photographique complet pour Hôtels, Lodges, complexes de chalets et auberges.

Photographies des principaux environnements du lieu.

Visite virtuelle 360° pour les réseaux sociaux en photographie et vidéo.

Photographie par drone pour l'extérieur.

Vidéos avec plans séquences pour bobines IG.

Photographies avec des modèles locaux pour recréer des situations dans les installations de l'hôtel.

Prenons rendez-vous, parlons de ce que vous voulez communiquer et concevons un budget qui vous convient.

- Photographie d'hôtel - Photographe Calafate - Photographie Calafate - Photographie d'entreprise - Photographe d'hôtel

  • In what formats are the photographs delivered?
    The photographs are delivered on a Pendrive with a quality of between 8 MB and 10 MB. If necessary, they can also be sent via we transfer.
  • Can you travel to other locations?
    I can travel to other locations in Patagonia to offer this complete service of Professional Photography for Hotels. Accommodation and transportation allowances will be added to the required budget.
  • What is the price base for each of these services?
    Next, I will detail the investment values of each of the services I provide in the hotel sector. It is worth clarifying that these values are expressed in dollars (blue dollar) at the price at the time this price schedule is consulted and will be charged in the same way, taking the price of the day in question. Know to understand that this is due to the inflationary variable that we are going through in our country. Services : Conventional photography usd 476- Main rooms, common rooms, exterior shots, staff Additional Models x 2 (Women and men) usd 100- The 4-hour day (we recreate scenes in the hotel) 360° Photography - Virtual tour for RRSS usd 30- Quality suitable for RRSS to view on a cell phone or tablet. Videos for reels in RRSS usd 75- Video edited for use in IG, two reels of 15 sec. Exterior shots with Drones usd 88- 10 (ten) photographs at different angles of the exterior of the hotel. Photographs of the hotel restaurant: usd 225- The main dishes of the hotel restaurant. These reference prices were calculated based on a four-star hotel. Each budget is tailored to the needs and requirements of each client.
  • What is the process for taking photographs at the hotel?
    Once the budget is approved, I make a visit to see the hotel facilities accompanied by the Manager who is in charge of organizing this work. Once you have knowledge of what is required and an idea of the necessary shots, the days of the sessions are coordinated, the hours available according to the hotel's occupancy and a person is designated for constant communication, who acts as link between the requirements of the photo shoot and the availability of the hotel, both of spaces and of its personnel (staff). Once the sessions are finished, the material will be delivered already edited in high quality and ready to use on the hotel's website, social networks and OTAs.
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  • ¿Cómo están impresas las obras?
    La impresión Giclée se realiza con 12 tintas pigmentadas “pulverizadas” (“Giclée” en francés). Esto permite un increíble grado de detalle en las formas, pudiendo, además, producir tramas, patrones y un tono continuo.
  • ¿Cómo se realiza el envío de la o las obras?
    El envío puede ser a cualquier lugar del mundo. En Argentina es a través de Transporte Andreani o por el correo que escojas y el envío es gratis a cualquier lugar del país. Para los envíos fuera de Argentina, usamos el correo internacional DHL.
  • ¿Qué tipos de papeles se usan para imprimir las obras?
    Los tipos de papeles utilizados son papeles de arte de la linea Canson. Puede ser el Infinity Baryta Photographique (con brillo) o el Edition Etching Rag (mate). Este papel de calidad museo ofrece negros profundos, colores intensos, una claridad de las imágenes incomparable, una graduación de los colores óptima y su ligero grano lo convierte en ideal para la impresión de trabajos detallados tanto en color como en blanco y negro. Consultame por otro tipo de soportes.
  • ¿Cuales son las medidas disponibles de las obras?
    Las obras pueden ser en tres diferentes formatos 40x60 cm (rectangulares), 60x60cm (cuadradas) y 40x100cm (panorámicas). Consultame por medidas especiales.
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