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Framed Art Print (Museum Quality) ready to hang. This piece of art is the perfect option to decorate your office, hotel, or home.

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Printing technique: It is called Giclée and it is done with twelve pigmented powdered inks. This allows an incredible detail in creating patterns, storylines and a continuous tone.

Mount board: the print is done over Textured Fine Art Papers. These are 100% cotton art papers , with a natural white layer used to offer museum- quality prints and become one of the best options for digital art editing and fine art photography. The texture, slightly granulated, evokes engraving paper and traditional ways of edition. Both Giclée printing technique (with mineral pigments) and the mount on art paper give a great resistance to aging and stability in the colour of the paper.

Museum-quality paper is acid-free and absorbs ink better offering intense colours, very neat images and optimal colour gradation. Last but not least, its thin grain makes it ideal for printing detailed works of art in colour, as well as, in black and white.

Colors of Patagonia

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