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Patagoniangallerypics | Acharez Photography in Patagonia | El Calafate

Welcome to my gallery. I want to show you a fragment of this place through my lens, so you may keep a version of the infinite horizon, forever pure air, and unbounded magic of Patagonia in your home.

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My Story with Photography

A personal story

Each photographer sees the world in a different way. I believe this is because every life is unique and images are nurtured by life. Mine was a little bit messy but with lots of fun. I was an electrical technician, a sailor, a craftsman and a professional photographer. When I was 20 I arrived to El Calafate and chose this spot to settle down. I lived in Barcelona, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, but always came back. Maybe because Patagonia has that magic spell that once you are caught by it, it will never set you free. The land of the summers with its very long days and the winters of the very brief suns. The one of the wild wind and the golden autumns.

I alternate between touristic photography and landscape photography.

In this Online Gallery you will be able to see the shots I have been taking along these years. With them goes a part of me and how I see this place. I hope you enjoy these scenes that are no longer mine, but yours. Thank you and welcome.

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-Springs 2987- El Calafate - Patagonia Argentina


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+ 54 9 (2966) 542-347

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